Charles Darwin said “Species that adapt survive.” Anyone involved with marketing must be extremely agile. Marketing is becoming more complex and responsibilities are growing nearly every day. Your organisation needs you to sell more with a smaller and smaller budget.

Staying ahead of trends is key too and if LinkedIn is part of your marketing, a new guide ‘5 Trends Every CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) Should Know’ from LinkedIn will be of interest, once you’ve translated it from American! 

Here’s a summary.

1) Measurement is becoming more sophisticated

There are more expectations than ever for marketers to be able to prove their strategies are effective via data and analytics. New technology exists enabling marketers to make more data driven decisions when deciding where to spend their budgets.

2) Account based marketing enables precision targeting at scale

With newer technology available and more powerful CRM’s account based marketing has become easier than ever. Tools like LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator make prospecting and funnel building for sales teams highly efficient. Being able to easily find key individuals within organizations and send them a customized message is a powerful way to communicate with targeted accounts.

3) Influencer marketing extends reach

More executives are finding out that their personal brand can drive tremendous exposure for their company and extend the reach of campaigns. In the past, most high-level executives remained largely anonymous on social media and preferred to do all of their branding and marketing using the company logo.

It’s also important that your company reaches influencers in your industry and bring them into your community. It’s not enough to just have a lot of followers these days.

Influencers provide your company with social proof and exponentially expand the reach of your marketing message.

4) Native advertising drives engagement

Targeted on platform adds on social media sites like Facebook are enabling companies to zero in on their audience with greater effectiveness. Native advertising is one of the most efficient ways to drive traffic to your website.

When your content reaches the feeds of people that have indicated an interest in your subject matter the click rate goes up substantially. This enables you to generate massive amounts of traffic to a landing page where a customer can buy your product or signup for your service.

5) Video is the new content king

LinkedIn was a little slow to get on board with this trend as other social media platforms like Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram rolled out their video feature long before they did. But now almost everyone should have the new video feature on LinkedIn. Early adopters are seeing fantastic reach on their videos.

The ability to reach a B2B audience with on platform videos makes LinkedIn’s new feature a game changer for marketers.

Marketers should encourage the thought leaders within their companies to make videos on social media. It wouldn’t be a bad idea if they did some videos themselves as well.

To get the full report from LinkedIn and more great ways to use these marketing trends go here.