Some facts (Source: The Content Marketing Institute):

• On-line video has increased eightfold in five years.
• In 2016 the gigabyte equivalent of all the movies ever made in the history of film will move across networks every 3 minutes.
• It will take 6million years to watch all the video that will uploaded in one month, in 2016.
• Video will be 55% of all internet traffic by 2016.
• Video on demand will triple by 2016.
• Mobile video traffic will increase by eighteen times by 2016 (from 2011).

Video can deliver interest and engagement, but when not appropriately connected to your brand’s online content and marketing activities it has the danger of being isolated, not supportive of your brand and campaigns. So watch out for these:

• Create a branded YouTube or Vimeo Channel and cross promote through website, email signatures, business cards, other social channels
• Embed click through on your youtube video to deliver the user to a key landing page where action can be taken
• Ensue video sharing is encouraged and use incentives where appropriate to encourage shares
• Integrate video into all social channels available to your brand
• Widen your scope and awareness by investing in sponsored links/videos online to key demographics
• Make sure to create or reference already established hash tags # on your videos, to help gain campaign discussion and aggregation
• Use video in email marketing (that will link through to a website landing page). Simply having the indication of a video via email will drive up click through rates.
• Ensure your video titles and descriptions are SEO friendly and that any inbound likes use keyword rich link anchors.

Finally, it’s worth noting that not all video needs to be expensive. It has already been discussed how short form videos can show authenticity and differentiation and also how user generated videos have the power to be highly effective.

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