We have been recruiting. With Mark and Mia, we have increased our expertise in video production and account management. Nick has been promoted as Head of Forensics and Strategic Insight. We are still looking for talent. If you think you have what it takes, get in touch marketing@marketingprojects.co.uk

Mark Kaye BSc

Graduate of Liverpool John Moores University with a BSc degree in Broadcasting and Media Production, Mark enjoys the post-production process focusing predominantly on editing skills. He was recently involved with a comparative documentary of Liverpool Football Club and a grass roots football club that emphasized the differences between a global brand and a lower league football club. Mark also has a good understanding of Radio too. His programme about alcohol abuse received BBC recognition and praise from the Amy Winehouse Foundation. He is now working with Marketing PRojects to bring the latest graphics and post production skills to the company.

Mia Tan

Mia is an experienced international public relations and marketing specialist and has been an associate at Marketing PRojects for 10 years. Her experience includes business development and training organisations to enhance opportunities to promote and market partnership working in complementary sectors through direct business to business engagement and networking opportunities.

She is actively involved in promoting rural regeneration, and supporting emerging business hubs to enable sustainable development.  Her work also encourages her passion to create employment opportunities and encourage volunteers from businesses to mentor individuals and diverse community groups.

Nick Yates FCIM
Nick has recently been promoted as Head of Forensics and Strategic Insight within our team. His findings, comparisons and recommendations are a great foundation for any marketing strategy.