Life is not only about work… and summer time  reminds us that it’s high time to rest. Hope you are enjoying the summer this year as much as I am. It’s 21°C in France at the moment; a country of great art – we saw the Bayeux tapestry a few days ago, culture – we had an excellent visit to Mont St. Michel and food – too much to mention!

I am just a short way across the Channel in Normandy – just wanted to say ‘bonjour’ to clients, supporters and friends of Marketing PRojects.

I am enjoying Normandy’s local dishes in its picturesque villages, strolling down quiet country lanes, admiring beautiful landscapes, walking around historical towns and meeting friendly people. No matter where you are now, what the weather is out there and whether you have time off… enjoy summer! I will shortly be back at Marketing PRojects with fresh ideas, reinvigorated to deal with new projects. A bientôt!