In order to trade, businesses need customers to be sustainable; they need long term loyal repeat customers or at least a steady flow of new, one-off transactions. To drive a truly customer focused solution, there are three key points which any business can apply;

  1. Don’t assume you know it all

We’ve all seen businesses come up with solutions, only for them to be harshly criticised by consumers. This results in re-working or watering down ideas, a much more costly route.

Why not target key stakeholders and bring them into the development process earlier – true customer engagement.

2.  If it is new, treat it differently

Whether it’s the way you talk about it, the way you position it, or even if can or do set it completely apart from the competition, make sure the sustainable solution you create is distinct.

3. Help understanding  – any change means uncertainty

Firstly, anything out of the ordinary makes people wary and secondly, if people understand, they buy more!

Given these two very simple facts, it’s surprising how little is done to tell the story that underpins a sale. Presentations, story-boards, animations and all marketing material needs to be told from the customer’s point of view. These tools will secure support and increase understanding to drive a sale through.

In order to deliver a truly sustainable solution the whole supply chain needs to be managed. Working with producers, suppliers and any logistics organisations involved is key to a long term sustainable business.

This needs vision and direction from the leaders of the organisation. They need to look holistically at all aspects of the business – both internally and externally – and take an active role in managing them and that means involving customers or stakeholders at all levels.

Can you think of innovation that would create sustainability for your customers? Any added service for minimum outlay or combination of services tailor-made for any sectors?