Competition based approaches to strategy no longer work and can actively prevent and organisation from achieving its goals. An alternative model, collaborative advantage, drives a greater level of success that is better for you, your customers and better for society.

Collaboration allows entrepreneurs to see the business world as a complex interconnected ecosystem rather than as a sharp elbowed race to oblivion.

Marketing PRojects (the company) is built on collaboration and has been since the beginning of the millennium, probably before then.

We’ve found time invested in defining, analysing and strategising against ‘the competition’ is better invested. We refer non-core work to others, gain knowledge about market changes faster, benefit from their learning fast tracking our own, and as well as enjoying working more, we know that givers gain. And if we don’t gain from giving, we find another like minded business for that type of work that believes in the same Marketing PRojects core value; collaboration.

Try it!