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Marketing PRojects has been working with US based organisations since 1998, they range from small startups to large corporates. We tend to deal with US based clients who want to do more in the UK or Europe. We often act as their UK based marketing organisation helping generate new opportunities for them in the UK.

Distance is not an issue in today’s busy business world.

We can arrange an online FREE meeting to discuss your requirements in detail. This will give both you and us the opportunity to talk about your project, consider ideas and skills, timescales, what you want to achieve and how you see it happening.

Marketing PRojects then helps you to achieve your business objectives by taking a deeper look at your marketing and sales operations, at new strategies, or acting as a consultancy to improve and assist with activities that you may already be undertaking, gaining improved relevance to UK markets.

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Special Services

XPress News

XPressNews® can be your very own news distribution service.

Bench Marketing

Does your company measure up? Marketing PRojects can get you on track to improved performance.

Growth Accelerator

Marketing PRojects works with the Growth Hubs & can help your organisation or idea grow faster.

Events, Sponsorship & Promotions

Their power to influence a positive and successful outcome is awesome!

Market Research

Both Tactical & Strategic, including a                    ‘Snapshot’ Mini Research survey.

Crisis Management

Sometimes you don’t want to be in the spotlight. We ensure 'issues' don't become a crisis.

Video Services

Add videos to your website and save 1,000s of words.

The Transfer Studio

Share your priceless photo, films and videos easily.

Marketing Masterclass

Join us for the next Marketing Masterclass to help grow your business.

General Electric Company (GE)

Marketing PRojects worked directly with US based personnel to create the ‘wow’ factor needed for GE’s European Power Conference. This involved an initial scoping and brainstorm meeting in Chicago followed by regular briefings and liaison.

The conference attracted senior level contacts from the UK and Europe, engaging them on new technology and services. To support this Marketing PRojects suggested a ‘technology safari’ competition ensuring everyone visited all the different high-tech display stations during the afternoon reception. This added a fun element to a full day’s programme of presentations, round tables, forum discussions and networking opportunities.

UK and European industry press and media contacts were given a breakfast briefing and opportunity for interviews with senior executives, CEOs and VPs.

Everyone was given a high level VIP service from special transportation from the hotels to the football stadium, a special behind the scenes tour of ‘The Theatre of Dreams’, support for evening events, badging, live streaming and live video and photo updates for staff and clients based in the US and around the World.

The client was more than happy and business involving multi-million pound contracts has been generated as a result of the event. View the video here.

Swati Joshi

General Electric Company