Enewsletters are the one of the most popular choices for building and updating a customer base and are considered one of the most cost-effective forms of online marketing for small businesses.

Periodic emails will remind clients of your presence, and can contain reports, case studies, events and news that may be vital in obtaining new customers, whilst also enticing new and old customers alike by promoting new products or services, or current special offers.

Content is the most vital ingredient of an eNewsletter and can be tailored to provide different messages and themes to different customer groups, making them a diverse tool.

Furthermore, because the customer has generally requested a copy of the eNewsletter this indicates that the reader is more likely to engage with the content, making the time spent on this particular form of marketing potentially very worthwhile.

Additionally utilizing the Internet to distribute information means that customers have the ability to forward it to others who may have a potential interest in the content, creating the capacity to reach far beyond your current client base.

Finally an eNewsletter increases customer lifetime value by updating customers’ relationships in a competitive market. Every newsletter that you send serves to solidify the connection between your company and your customers.