Infographics remain a great tool to visually share and represent information and knowledge, both within the organisation and externally for outreach. They are helping marketers to explain practices, consumer behaviour and share knowledge.>

Start with an idea or knowledge you want to share —it could easily come from a report, article, slide deck or any type of concept you feel lends itself to an infographic treatment.
Copywriting—your copy should be adapted to the short caption style appropriate for quick reading. You’ll want to emphasise key points with typographic treatments.

Design—depending on your skill set and available resources, you’ll want to support the facts with a simple design.

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Platforms for publishing

Infographics will work well on your web site, your blog, as a guest blog, and with available content networks such as SlideShare. Like any other content, the aim of the infographic is to stimulate thought and ideas so promoting it is just as important as the Infographic itself. You can promote it using social media, on your collaterals with QR codes or use sponsored links and adwords.