It is the end of a busy week, one in which I presented on Social Media Crisis Management to the Chartered Institute of Marketing and finally started preparations in earnest for the Chester pre-screening of SKYFALL, the new James Bond movie on the 25th.

My week was less frustrating than Anthony’s. Anthony is the latest member of the Marketing PRojects team, and travels to work most days by bus. Monday, ‘the bus never came’, Tuesday he nearly missed it. Monday it had actually come but because it didn’t look like the bus he was expecting, he had ignored it. The bright new rebranded buses were not what he was looking out for, therefore what must have been an exprensive rebranding, annoyed him. Was enough done by the bus company here? How many times do we miss the obvious because we are looking for what we expect?

On the same theme he mentioned another irritation not just for him but for other users too. Quite often the driver hasn’t enough change. Several passengers get off without this, particularly on the early buses, some very cross. Can the driver not issue an IOU, redeemable on the next journey? It might even encourage more use? Seems very primative given Oyster Cards in London and the time it takes a driver to transact.

Finally, some thoughts on the Merger of the Century. For me, it has been my work and life, the balance has completely blurred. When All the World can be your office, working 9 to 5 is as relevant as a fax machine. What do you think?