Marketing was in its infancy when Queen Elizabeth II was born. Indeed, the Chartered Institute of Marketing was formed 105 years ago this week. The Queen also celebrates with her 90th birthday and with the knowledge that her brand value remains strong and enduring.

Specialist brand and business valuation agency Brand Finance valued the Monarchy in 2012 at £44 billion, extending that for 2015 to £57 billion making a net contribution to the economy of £1.155bn.

Chief Executive David Haigh comments: “As Queen Elizabeth approaches this historic milestone, she heads a Royal Family near a peak of popularity. From an economic standpoint at least, the royalists firmly have the upper hand.”

How can some of that royal pixie dust spread your way?

David Haigh added; “A Royal Warrant can confer a significant premium to brands in certain industries such as luxury, food, sporting goods and fashion. The unofficial endorsement of Charlotte, George and Kate in particular has a profound financial effect running into millions annually.”

The 2016 Global 500 survey found:

  • Disney is the world’s most powerful brand, thanks to Star Wars’ record-breaking success
  • Despite slowing sales, Apple is the world’s most valuable brand, up 14% to US$145.9bn
  • VW brand value falls by US$12 billion following emissions scandal
  • 4 of the 10 fastest growing brands are Chinese

Global companies beware, we all have to create our own brand worth and enlist the help of our clients and customers. Treat them all like the royals they are and your brand value goes up. Simple.

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