We all want to be better; better partners, better parents, better friends, better people. How do we increase the odds of success when life gets in the way? Writing your goals down makes you 42% more likely to achieve them and if you really want to change things, visual imagery or the sense of touch helps many times more.

IWillStrive combines these written goals and pledges (on a clever web site) with a 24/7 designer wrist band to aid visual and sensual memory. It adds a reminder to check behaviours every moment, review goals and maintain the behavioural changes necessary to achieve those goals you strive for. The concept launches this month.

Founder Ian Roe and his wife are building a Strive community to help turn wishes into achievements. Ian says; “One in three people ditch their resolutions by the end of January, 50% of resolutions don’t last more than 6 months, 73% give up before meeting their goal and most people repeat (and fail) the same resolution year after year, so we wanted to support those with good intentions actually achieve them, and we know from our own experiences the Strive band works.”

The web site www.iwillstrive.com gives more details but Ian says; “the key things that keep you on track is a public commitment to make those changes, a constant reminder of them and regularly reviewing the goals throughout the year. This is where the Strive band, web site and community work together to give you a better chance.”

Ian a successful property and HR entrepreneur based in Cheshire and North Wales sees IWillStrive appealing to those who want a more balanced lifestyle, to break bad habits or as a reminder to achieve more. He says; “Typical pledges could include;

I will stay calm when the kids start to argue or become difficult.

We will keep communicating until we find common ground or agree to disagree with respect for each other.

My child has left home and I want to support their growing independence without losing touch. This is a reminder to keep in touch regularly.

I will take on new opportunities and try not to fear the unknown.

Many times I have said I will do XXXX. Each time I have given up before I have had a chance to succeed. I will commit to XXXX, I will put my goal pledge in writing and I will wear my band to remind me when I can’t be bothered and fear I might fail. If I don’t try and don’t commit I can’t succeed.”

At last, some practical support for us all! The price? Strive band £49; login, web site and community, priceless.

Web site: www.iwillstrive.com

Email: ian.roe@mercurysearch.co.uk

Twitter: @strivepledge

Address: Eccleston House, Bell Meadow Business Park, Park Lane, Chester CH4 9EP

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Strive-909354509157281/

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