1. Success comes to those who work exceptionally hard, have a passion for their business they can communicate and are in the right place at the right time (by design).

2. Change is inevitable. Embrace it, learn and adapt.

3. Keep your friends close and your colleagues closer. There are no competitors, you are striving for the same thing. Learn from them, stay one step ahead and expand the market together.

4. Networking is preferable to not working. It isn’t a choice, you have to be good at it so best to enjoy it too. Change your mind set.

5. Your first hunch on people is usually right.

6. Benefits of the doubt should only be used once.

7. Social media is not just another tool in the growing kitbag of remedies a professional marketer has.

8. The internet changed everything except values.

9. Stay focused on the bigger picture.

10. Be a master delegator, Attention to detail can be a time thief if you let it. Stay in control of YOUR time.Cert of encorp