So I was looking for some Big Bold Business ideas to take you into new universes.

1. Geotargeting.

Also known of as location-based marketing, it offers customer data in real time. 90% of smartphone users will have location services turned on—giving marketers the ability to track every step users take. Great for hospitality and retail but when can B2B organisations us it? Exhibitions and events. Care on the balance between personalisation and surveillance; friend or stalker.

2. Hire a donkey, or an adbike.

In the past we’ve hired drones, steerable balloons, roundabout signs, flags, adPeople and adVans to increase awareness or sell more for clients. We are currently working with eco-friendly adbikes on their video. All great ways of getting your clients and customers to think of and buy your products and services. Be creative! How can you persuade your clients to move their ass?

3. An ‘out of this world’ office.

Managing client expectation when you are landing the next big contract can be a challenge. Do you want to appear bigger than you really are? Easy with a managed or multi-office environment – with support from other entrepreneurial businesses around you. Can you send a chauffeured car and briefed driver to meet them? And, most importantly, deliver what you say, when you say you will – or better!

4. Hire us as part of a 12 hour consultancy project, courtesy of your local Growth Hub.

We are currently working with two companies, each for a funded 12 hours of marketing support which will help their businesses grow. If you want a force of new ideas to last for the rest of the year, contact us for more information on making this happen for your business quickly.