If we are wondering if Twitter or Facebook are still relevant for marketing, or what other digital marketing tools we are going to use in 2015 (because you have to make predictions now for next year!) have a look at this list. What is working for you?

1. Google+ will be a major player among the social networks especially when it will impact your Google ranking. Don’t forget: it uses the power of influencers.

2. Facebook isn’t going anywhere but it will increase paid reach vs organic reach.

3. We’ll think twice about what we publish so you’ll have to keep it within the law and have a social media policy. <Here is a great guide from a previous client of ours.> (link to Manley release)

4. Social Media will be viewed as a sales tool, not just a marketing tool. Is this the future of cold calls?

5. It will be accepted that you can measure ROI on social media and consider social media as playing a big part in your sales pipeline.

6. Content will be key to the success of your campaign. High quality content will build up good reputation and trust, and customers will want to buy from you.

We can help with your social media, if you want us to.




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