While most advertise on social media, many can learn that posting and tweeting at certain times of day can reap better results than others. Below is information on how to optimise the timing of your social media plan.


Timing Your Posts Effectively

Recent statistics show that people share posts more frequently on Facebook in the morning, specifically between 8:30 and 10:00 am. So prioritise your posts so that more important posts are published in the morning, and they’ll receive more shares.

facebook stats

Twitter, on the other hand, appears to be a more effective marketing tool in the afternoon, with Re Tweets peeking mid-afternoon. A Re Tweet allows your information to expand past the limitations of your current followers and introduce your content to a new audience, so it is vital to optimize this when creating your social media plan.

twitter stats

Organising and Scheduling Your Social Media Platforms

There are numerous tools dedicated to optimise the times we post at peak times and schedule our social media content. Insights is a Facebook tool which provides information about your audience. Twitter has a valuable tool called Tweriod which creates an optimal posting schedule from an analysis of your and your follower’s tweets. Buffer is a great application which allows you to schedule posts for your Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn platforms.  If you want your entire post scheduling within one app then there’s the social media power tool Every Post, which will fire off a post to all your social media platforms.

Here at Marketing Projects we teach you to create a social media plan that will develop, engage and control your online community effectively, allowing you to understand your audience, and how they relate to your company.