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Marketing PRojects can arrange a FREE meeting to discuss your requirements in detail. This will give both you and us the opportunity to talk about your project, consider ideas and skills, timescales, what you want to achieve and how you see it happening. Ring 08456 120188.

Marketing covers all activities, from listening to customer needs, assessing the competitive landscape and then designing and creating services and products accompanied by messages that shape and improve audience perceptions. This in turn, achieves the organisational objectives you have set. The primary objective of marketing is to deliver services and products to the right people at the right value and right time. Marketing PRojects can help you to achieve this by taking a deeper look at your marketing and sales operations, at new strategies, or acting as a consultancy to improve and assist with activities that you may already be undertaking.

We work hard to be the best at what we do. If we can’t help, we will be able to recommend or refer you to many other top agencies or freelancers to deliver areas of expertise they excel in which are more suited to your needs. We keep up with current trends, consulting large London agencies from our office there to see what’s hot and what’s not.

Service highlights are revealed below.

Special Services

XPress News

XPressNews® can be your very own news distribution service.

Bench Marketing

Does your company measure up? Marketing PRojects can get you on track to improved performance.

Growth Accelerator

Marketing PRojects works with the Growth Hubs & can help your organisation or idea grow faster.

Events, Sponsorship & Promotions

Their power to influence a positive and successful outcome is awesome!

Market Research

Both Tactical & Strategic, including a                    ‘Snapshot’ Mini Research survey.

Crisis Management

Sometimes you don’t want to be in the spotlight. We ensure 'issues' don't become a crisis.

Video Services

Add videos to your website and save 1,000s of words.

The Transfer Studio

Share your priceless photo, films and videos easily.

Marketing Masterclass

Join us for the next Marketing Masterclass to help grow your business.

We were recommended Marketing PRojects as a company who could help with both our established business and our startup. Marketing PRojects became part of our team, actually understood our value proposition and undertook work for us above and beyond expectations. They had good creative ideas which we had every confidence would work well because of Jane’s knowledge of the industry and excellent contacts.

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