Crisis Management 

Sometimes you don’t want your organisation to be in the media spotlight. Most organisations call this process crisis or reputation management. Our experienced 24/7 Crisis Management Team can help you pre-plan and manage effectively and on time throughout, neutralising the negatives and accentuating the positives in any story.

Marketing PRojects’ first crisis management plan was written for a local chemicals company in 1998 and we have been supporting many different organisations for many different reasons since, from schools to industrial giants.

We have met and learned from luminaries like Andrew Marr, Gerald Ratner, Max Clifford, Cherie Blair, Lembit Öpik and Alastair Campbell.

Many years of investment can be destroyed in a sentence; remember Ratner. This process used to take weeks, now with the advent of social media, it takes hours. A small investment of your and Marketing PRojects’ time in reputation management and crisis planning now, could save many millions later. We will also review your IP (intellectual property).

Recently Marketing PRojects spoke on Social Media Crisis Management at a Chartered Institute of Marketing event. The presentation by managing director, Jane Harrad-Roberts FCIM included case studies on BP, United Breaks Guitars, NBC’s Olympic coverage and FemFresh, giving best practice examples from Oreo, Quantas’ Ash Cloud response and Virgin Trains. The final section gives advice on how to handle social media issues.

If you would like a copy of the full 1 hour presentation, overheads and a Social Media Crisis Management Kit, to help when the going gets tough, email tweet @marketingPRoj or complete the ‘contact us’ form on this site by clicking here.

Marketing Projects has been working with EXi telecoms since 1997 when they were asked to work on press relations for EXi telecoms. They also helped with our early brochures and adverts and our presence at the TMA exhibition in Brighton. I joined EXi telecoms in 2000 and Marketing Projects has continued press and public relations work for us, also assisting us as an external consultant for the new global web site launched during 2000. We have found their advice and services to be invaluable, using their copywriting skills to help win over 12 awards during 2001/2 and their web site for enhanced contact with the media. We have relied on their skills to keep us both in and out of the media which they have achieved well. Memorable occasions included high profile contract wins, world-wide office launches, training scheme initiatives and award wins. We look forward to future business together and to hearing about their plans for growth.

Commercial Director, EXi telecoms