Market Research

Market research can cover both tactical and strategic issues. It will help your organisation understand a market, its size and structure, examine communication strategies and look at the tone and content of messages. It can also be used to benchmark your performance against competitors and KPIs, an area where the Marketing Projects’ Research Team is specialised in.See our BenchMarketing® service here.

Our primary and secondary research uses libraries such as at the Chartered Institute of Marketing to supplement work online and direct.

SmartStartup was initiated by Marketing PRojects in 1999 to provide specialist skills to organisations starting up, for marketing, awareness and research, and legal, accounting and personnel support from professionals with a proven track record of teamwork with Marketing PRojects for successful company start ups.

Marketing Projects can carry out a ‘Snapshot’ Mini Research survey under the SmartStartup brand for your organisation as a one off project – this includes secondary research and reports from at least 20 prospects, customers, VIPs or competitors.

You can now get closer to your customers and your market sector. We will give you knowledge to help increase sales to existing customers and expand into new markets.

TopCat Research asked Marketing PRojects to support its startup with research on potential markets and sales for our products with their Snapshot Survey. During this time they were able to supply vital information which helped generate sales opportunities around the world and was a key factor in our two successful funding stages so far. They also devised a questionnaire for contacts made, to insure consistency of data and comparisons. Marketing PRojects proved reliable and went the extra mile to obtain the data we needed. This involved international calls, teleconferences and a persistency that needed 24/7 dedication. The report and business contacts generated will be invaluable.

CEO, TopCat Research