Video & Animation

Add Videos to Your Website and Save 1,000’s of Words

Video helps with sales, search engine rankings and branding …

  • Visitors to your web site could be spending 80% more time there. That’s over 2 minutes more on your site rather than a competitor’s because you show them a video.
  • If you include a ‘how to’ instructional video they will be 85% more likely to buy from you.
  • And Google is 53 times more likely to put you ahead on a front page search result because you have video on your site.

Put simply, a picture tells a thousand words and video conveys information and passion for your organisation in a way that text can’t. It can really make an impact in sales presentations, on the web site, with social media, sent by mail as a video brochure and used time and time again.

  • Attract New Customers and Sales
  • Enhance Your Website and Social Media
  • Announce New Products or Services
  • Educate and Engage with Your Customers
  • Let Your Customers Tell Their Story
  • Recruit New Employees
  • Train, Engage and Increase Employee Effectiveness

Marketing Projects’ videos follow the AIDA marketing principle: grab Attention, instil Interest, ensure Desire and generate Action – and our clients know they work! We combine your brief with our ideas to develop a story board. We can film, edit and create a video that you approve in a matter of days; with a cost from £250.

Our SHOWREEL at the foot of this page tells you a little about the work we’ve done for others and how we can help you achieve your business objectives cost effectively, with:

  • A corporate summary
  • Service explanations
  • ‘How To’ videos
  • Case studies
  • Happy client interviews
  • Video news blogs
  • A record of an event or presentation
  • Regular internal communications
  • Time Lapse projects
  • Animation and Motion Graphics

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