Anacomp Martec Systems

The company specialises in IT business process solutions and is one of the most respected companies in imaging and document management – better known as the ‘paperless office’.


Marketing PRojects worked with Martec Systems on press relations and marketing for over three years. This included extensive case study work involving complicated IT solutions, news releases, new product launches, new contract signings, and included collateral development; newsletters, data sheets, headed stationery and special info sheets.

Marketing PRojects was involved strategically and assisted with business development and sales too. When Martec Systems was sold to American IT specialist Anacomp, Marketing PRojects ensured the handover of marketing activities was smooth and did not impact the business.


Marketing PRojects helped develop a ‘value’ for the business and standing as one of the most respected document management organisations in Europe. It left a legacy of over 20 press releases, 12 case studies and 6 collaterals including a respected newsletter and adverts.