Biosept is a new, organic concept in plant biostimulants.


Marketing PRojects was involved in the startup of the Biosept UK operation. In May 2002, it reviewed and improved marketing, PR, distribution and sales support. This culminated with two contributions in key areas.

Firstly, market research, renewal of the website, material support and press targeting to identify a list of key newspapers for press activity.

Secondly, to develop direct sales with potential customers such as garden centres and nurseries, setting up a prospect database, enhancing awareness at well known gardening centres and developing/following up retailing sales with the main multiples and supermarkets in the UK.


After the work, a database of four thousand contacts was developed. Subsequent advertising/marketing activity supported the company as “Best Garden Product 2003” by the Organic Farmers & Growers Association.

Biosept has been hailed as the biggest and most unique innovation for gardeners and horticulturalists for many years.” said Gautam Kachhia, managing director of Biosept.