Chester One Earth Festival

Recycling and climate change were among the workshops that more than 440 pupils from eight schools in and around Chester took part in at Grosvenor Park. A long weekend dedicated to environmental issues kicked off in Cheshire on Sunday July 8, following the global Live Earth event.


The six themed Marquees at The Cheshire One Earth event on Sunday included:
– The Food and Drink Marquee, which will address issues such as local provenance, the importance of organic food production and healthy eating.
– The Sustainable Communities Marquee, which takes a look at issues such as waste and recycling, energy efficiency and examples of good practice.
– The Wildlife Marquee, which promotes the conservation of wildlife species in Cheshire and encourages active wildlife conservation.
– The Out and About Marquee, which discovered ways of exploring our natural and cultural heritage without compromising the environment.
– The Artists Village Marquee, which featured displays of country crafts and arts that have an environmental theme.
– The Global Dimension Marquee, which explored global issues such as Fair Trade and climate change.

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