Cucina Restaurants Ltd

We’ve been privileged to have helped Educational catering experts Cucina Restaurants reach £5 million from startup in 2006 to 2012. They now cater for over 50,000 pupils a day in 37 schools, colleges and academies.

Marketing PRojects was asked to assist Cucina on press and promotional activites from startup and has helped them grow to £5 million in 7 years. In that time over 70 press releases, 2 videos, 1 audio visual and hundreds of photos have been sent to the press. This together with social media, an App and ‘Top Trump’ recipe cards for students have been used to promote the growing caterer.

Here are a selection of some of the compliments from the Managing Director, Steve Quinn over the years:
“Fantastic!! Looks great. It is really worth doing something around Cucina going the extra mile to drive sales/create excitement.”

“It’s a wrap Jane, blimey! Well done and thank you.”

“Great News…..we have now succeeded in our attempts to gain the Bronze Catering Mark! Well done to all those who worked so hard to gain this.”

“We’ve made the news again, top stories today with our App.”

Changing web site and adding video to press office for Cucina: “Much much better Jane thanks!”

Adding sound ‘bites’ to the press office from the BBC’s interviews with Cucina. “This sounds great! Well done Dan, and well done Jane too!! All the right soundbites, brilliant!!”

An email to journalists:
Given a choice, you wouldn’t eat at the same restaurant every day? Why should kids be any different? Find out how Cucina are doing things differently; post-Jamie. Stealthy eating, rebranding the ‘restaurant’, educuisine, pupil-power, international-standard chefs, statistics and more at “Permission granted Jane, nice idea!”

“Nice spread in Cost Sector, brilliant, well done! p.s. the photographer for Cambridge was great!”

“We have moved turnover from 350k to 1.5m in the last 12 months, so growing fast….!!! Thanks.”

“I am delighted with the Team we now have and really look forward to working with you


“I have worked with Marketing Projects in conjunction with Cucina, for six years. They’re well organised, have good industry knowledge, good press contacts and always plan ahead, contributing to their own and client success.”

Cucina Restaurants Ltd.

Cucina Restaurants is now part of the Impact Food Group.