and J10 Planning

Marketing PRojects was asked by J10 Planning to assist obtain planning permission for the transformation of an old airfield in Staffordshire into a state-of-the-art driving experience centre. Driveme’s commitment to the Seighford site included a £9 million investment into the Staffordshire economy, with the development also securing 38 existing and 58 new jobs.

The Planning Inspector’s positive decision followed a six day public inquiry and’s three year application to regenerate the site against very negative opposition from local villagers concerned about traffic, noise, loss of green space etc.

Marketing PRojects worked with J10 and over the last 12 months of the approval to counter arguments presented by the villagers and to ensure the voice of the approving majority wasn’t lost.

This involved work with the local school, village councils, attending meetings, liaising with Staffordshire Council and involved experts on the project, local and national press and the BBC who sent reporters and cameras to protest events. Over 5 releases were issued to the press and crisis management skills were needed too.

Plans were approved much as originally submitted leading to other successful work with J10, and