Reaseheath Enterprise Delivery Hub

Marketing PRojects worked with Reaseheath through connections from Made in Cheshire. It had been asked to help promote Cheshire potatoes with a PR campaign. At Reaseheath, Marketing PRojects promoted the new crop of annual Cheshire Asparagus, featuring on both ITV and BBC News.

Award-winning chef Dave Mooney rustled up a lunch using fresh asparagus picked out the ground only moments before at Cherry Orchard Farm near Delamere. A hand-picked selection of gourmet diners, including Jane Casson, Made in Cheshire Co-ordinator for Reaseheath College, enjoyed the asparagus al fresco. ‘Field to fork’ in yards and minutes!

Marketing PRojects was again asked to support Reaseheath College in its launch of the new Enterprise Delivery Hub now Reaseheath Food Centre. It helped provide a new and distinctive logo, web design guidance, brochures, case studies and press relations for two launch events.