Souber Tools

Marketing PRojects was asked by MAS to support Souber Tools’ marketing with a plan for growth. Souber Tools sell locksmith tools world-wide through distributors. Working in a market through distributors sometimes means you lose control and sight of the end user.


“Marketing PRojects helped us to develop a more structured approach to our marketing and a marketing action and communications plan all within a month. They encouraged and gave us our first steps into social media so we can ‘see’ and communicate with our locksmith users more easily. This involved a series of ‘How to..’ videos for YouTube with over 8,000 views, a twitter feed with 881 followers and facebook .

Marketing Projects put together a distributor questionnaire which asked everything from market challenges to service levels and ‘how can we do better’. It was answered by 100% of our distributors (which they ensured) and enabled some important decisions on products and services to be made.

They also reviewed, cleaned and worked to increase the usefulness of Souber Tools’ database of contacts who receive the annual product catalogue with an improvement in the number of returns of over a half.

As a result Souber Tools has seen sales increase by 30%. Marketing Projects still works with us when needed and we have referred them for work with a Birmingham based light engineering firm which I understand they have now completed successfully.”