The Blue Bell Restaurant

The Blue Bell Restaurant in Chester was run for many years as a gourmet restaurant and Marketing PRojects was asked to assist when it was extensively refurbished. A list of VIP guests for the reopening was developed especially for The Blue Bell from Marketing PRojects’ contacts, targeting to set business objectives. Each was approached personally to invite them using a bespoke invitation; a blue bell with the invitation attached. The relaunch was managed totally by Marketing PRojects staff and the restaurant received extensive press coverage and restaurant reviews too.

The launch was so successful it was held on two nights. Numerous bookings took place on the night with brisk trade over the following 6 months. Restaurant reviews and nominations for Restaurant of the Year were also generated.


“The relaunch parties (2 evenings as we had such a great response) were a great success.”

Bettie Gilliatt, The Blue Bell Restaurant