Urban Hair & Beauty Spa

Marketing PRojects was asked to assist Urban Hair, a premier hair and beauty salon in Chester city centre, to increase turnover after an investment of £1/4 million in premises expansion and beauty spa facilities in December 2005.

Marketing PRojects recommended the business spend on public relations, along with a launch event, photography, a better web site, an enhanced database and increased focus on customer care and social media.


Urban Hair received great publicity thanks to Marketing PRojects both locally and nationally.



“Since Jane and her team have become involved in marketing and pr activities with Urban Hair we have seen a tremendous upsurge in the amount of customers coming through the doors and our profile has gone up within the city. Jane has achieved great coverage within the local newspapers and has managed to get me a regular hair and beauty column. Also, nationally Jane has achieved good coverage in industry magazines and recently Urban Hair got down to the final two choices for a major television series thanks to Jane’s hard work and persistence.”

Steve Jones, Owner, Urban Hair