We are often asked, “What does it mean to have a “responsive” website and do we need to change from our existing one?

Responsive web design (RWD) is an approach to web design that allows for visitors to easily view and interact with your website using multi devices including desktop computers, tablets or smartphones. Nowaday, most companies build new websites using mobile friendly architecture as a default.

Responsive or mobile friendly websites are becoming more important as over half of the total internet traffic in 2015 is attributed to mobile traffic as compared to fixed internet access. The question is, are you responsive ready?

The trend is so ubiquitous that Google boost website rankings if the search has been made from a mobile device.  Furthermore, in 2015 Google announced that their research found in 10 different countries, the use of mobile devices to access the internet surpassed desktop internet traffic.  Google also launched a mobile friendly algorithm update ironically nicknamed Mobilegeddon by commentators.  Depending on which insight you read, some suggest that this algorithm puts the death nail into desktop friendly only websites. Others advocate a more measured approach, yet believe that it is the beginning of a seismic shift to complete dominance of mobile internet traffic versus desktop.

A key thrust of this mobile movement is that technological advancement of smartphones permits access to content just like computers can.  Furthermore, search engines have optimised search results for desktops and smartphones. However, smartphone search results aren’t the same as what can be seen on a desktop or laptop. Increasingly, mobile friendly websites rank higher on smartphone searches than the websites which are not mobile friendly but may have previously ranked higher on desktops.

Expectations from employers and a demanding business environment has resulted in the demand for an agile and responsive workforce, and irrespective of whether you are a supplier or a customer, the technology you employ to support and respond to this demand must keep pace with and indeed is being led by that same said mobile behaviours and media journey.

Is your website finely tuned to the unique needs of mobile visitors?  If are you still contemplating investing in the transition from your existing desktop friendly website to one that can be viewed on multi devices and in particular using mobile friendly architecture, make it happen – contact Marketing PRojects for a free consultation – 01244 330000.