Vision and Values

  • To support organisations achieve their ambitions for growth in line with business objectives.
  • To achieve a return on investment in marketing higher than expected and without compromising social values.
  • To work with clients that share Marketing Projects’ vision and values, and passion for success and achievement.
  • To become a valued, long term member of the management or director team where ‘we’ and ‘us’ are terms used rather than ‘you’ and ‘them’.
  • To provide professional, honest marketing advice as if it were our organisation, our decision and our agenda, not on decisions based on our agenda.
  • To enjoy what we do, so we never have to just ‘work’.

This will be achieved by:

  • A combination of core in-house services and proven strategic alliances with like-minded individuals or businesses, all motivated by the well-being of the others and aligned to the customer’s objectives.
  • Developing a network of contacts built and connected into the spirit of cooperation and collaboration.
  • Being highly responsive and proactive, anticipating issues before they become problems, gaining first mover advantage.
  • Being pro-active, open and honest.
  • Integrity & respect that both attracts new clients and retains our long-standing, loyal clients. Many of our clients stay with us, our current longest for over 10 years. They do this because they value us and we value and respect them. We avoid conflicts of interest and treat customer data with the highest level of confidentiality.
  • Constantly aiming to be better. We never stop learning, adapting and improving, passing on our knowledge to our clients with open knowledge transfer. 
  • Ensuring a legacy for marketing, and therefore Marketing PRojects, as an essential and successful science and art within any great organisation.