In many businesses promises are made within slogans, deadlines and deliveries. However, it is often debatable whether these promises are definitely assured. Keeping a promise is a basic principal that we can apply everywhere. If your business promises 24 hours delivery, but the actual time is 48 hours, what does this say to your customers? You won’t be used again. The same applies to us – Marketing PRojects. We have to and we want to meet the deadlines for PR and Marketing campaigns, strategic plans and simply everything involving our customers.

In a service-based business `keeping your word` builds customer loyalty. At Marketing PRojects we believe that delivering promises and meeting our clients’ expectations are vital factors to our success. We also know satisfied and loyal customers recommend us, so we always try to go beyond what they expect. And it is more efficient to retain customers than gain new ones. One of the worst things a business can encounter is a dissatisfied and angry customer, telling their friends what a horrible service they received.