Xpress News

XPressNews® can be your very own news distribution service. Marketing PRojects will write and dispatch your press release outline which you submit below, for media coverage – fast, convenient and effective!

Everything is confidential until you approve our 1st or 2nd draft for release.

XPressNews® is £299 + VAT. Additional edits are £49 + VAT each. XPressNews® covers UK media only but can be expanded internationally, contact us for prices.

XPressNews® Plus is £399 + VAT. This includes follow-ups to your top ten targeted media, a report and any further actions if needed.

To view the XPressNews guidance notes click here.

The team from Marketing PRojects has been working with The Queen’s School, Chester, on public relations since 2004 and has overseen the creation and distribution of over 500 press releases during this time. Marketing PRojects has extended the services provided to the school from public relations to marketing consultancy and advertising support and I have been delighted by the way in which the company has risen to the challenge. We now have in place a successful advertising and public relations strategy which has supported our continuing growth in a challenging market sector. Marketing PRojects helped us to raise our profile in the media and so attract more parents and pupils to the school. The company became a key part in The Queen’s School’s new marketing strategy. I am very grateful for the support that they offered to us at this crucial time. Marketing PRojects has always proved to be flexible, innovative, responsive and effective in providing help, advice and support to the school and I have no hesitation in recommending them further.


Queen's School Chester