We’ve been using QR codes (Quick Response) and our ScanLife for Blackberrys decoders on our phones for 4 months now. All credit Rob Edwards! http://uk.linkedin.com/in/robedwards1970

// Last week we invested in a new pop up display with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, RSS and LinkedIn symbols next to our QR code to our web site ‘about us’ page. We had lots of people asking us what it was about when out in public for the first time in Manchester. :www.EnterpriseFreelanceFair.co.uk I so enjoyed demonstrating!

It appears QR went mainstream today, when the 2 dimensional barcodes were seen all over the Sunday Times.

So you don’t miss out, link to Scanlife here www.scanlife.com to find out more and then from a photo phone download www.2dscan.com

Here’s ours! We predict it will make display advertising a whole new interactive experience and a much better added value tool for marketers. (QR rather than Marketing Projects’ About Us page, I mean!!! But then….we can still have ambitions…)